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Blue Plaques

William Odgers, V.C.

William Odgers, V.C., born in Falmouth, enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1852. In 1860 he was one of the first "other rankers" to win the V.C. established four years earlier, and the first to win it through action in New Zealand. Following a cutlass charge on a stockade at Waireka Hill, Odgers hauled down the Maori colours. Having been invalided out, he served as a licensee at the "Union Inn" until his death in 1873. His Saltash-born widow survived him and his descendants continue to live locally.


John Henry Martin was born in Camberwell, London. He established his reputation as an artist in Newlyn but moved to Plymouth in 1883 as the Newlyn School became established. He settled in Old Ferry Road, Saltash in 1897 where he painted a number of local scenes depicting the old Saltash Waterside buildings, later destroyed by war and post war redevelopment. Some of his works are held by the town council. He is buried in St. Stephens churchyard.


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